Thursday, September 30, 2010

Water+Floating Stuff = Explosions: Hydrophobia

And now ControlBad's inaugural editorializationorama!


I discovered this via, buried among many other amazing discoveries. However; this has to be the most pleasantly unexpected.

Hydrophobia is set in the future. Unfortunately; this oracular shot in the dark has no food pills, jetpacks or nuclear powered busses (don't lie, they would be awesome BECAUSE they were so dangerous!) Instead; Hydrophobia depicts a dark future of rising sea-levels and expanding deserts that has driven new lines of conflict into the political landscape. The neo-malthusians (He was an actual guy, by the way) follow a doctrine that blames resource strain and the newfound hardship of the era on excessive population pressure. As the game trailer very covertly illustrates via a pirated transmission displayed on a half-broken screen; "Restore hope, kill yourself."

These are the people supplying you with endless expendable guys with goofy masks and guns against which you'll be forced to use everything at your disposal in order to survive their terrorist-style attack on your home (which is a gigantic city-ship, by the way. This future may be dark but it is also very freaking metal.)

The trailer speaks for itself. It's incredibly clear that a great deal of new elements exist in this 3PS, enough so that it seems more of a combat-puzzler like portal. To be fair; even THAT comparison is tenuous -- and that should serve as an A-brand reminder that this game is so bizarrely new. Between the extremely realistic environmental simulation, interactive scenery and your transporter-chronicles-of-riddick-I'm-going-to-kill-you-with-this-teacup-esque usage of both in awesome takedowns, this looks like an incoming heavyweight!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About Control Bad

Is it good or is it bad? To find out we've got a finger on the control pad!

Now that we've got an official lame pun, I'll get around to explaining my mission in writing this blog;

Control Bad is all about the buzz around games. As an avid follower of many titles, after some meditation I've decided it would be good to have a place to bump a few of my favorites. I plan on doing so whenever something worthy of note by my standards flops into my field of view.

Now, one might say;"But, Aaron! Aren't you just a normal plebian mofo like the rest of us?" To which I would reply; "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT PLEBIANS DON'T EXIST IN MODERN TIMES!" Then I would go on to note that I'm a hobby game designer myself. Therefore I am God. Now bow to me.

the2bears had a similar idea long before me, where he currently bumps works in progress from across the interwarbs. I've found many an awesome trailer or game courtesy of his lumberjack-like (b)logging tendencies. As such; I wanted to be that guy, but with a much more chaotic assortment of stuff. Hopefully there will be less ripping off than is implied.