Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About Control Bad

Is it good or is it bad? To find out we've got a finger on the control pad!

Now that we've got an official lame pun, I'll get around to explaining my mission in writing this blog;

Control Bad is all about the buzz around games. As an avid follower of many titles, after some meditation I've decided it would be good to have a place to bump a few of my favorites. I plan on doing so whenever something worthy of note by my standards flops into my field of view.

Now, one might say;"But, Aaron! Aren't you just a normal plebian mofo like the rest of us?" To which I would reply; "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT PLEBIANS DON'T EXIST IN MODERN TIMES!" Then I would go on to note that I'm a hobby game designer myself. Therefore I am God. Now bow to me.

the2bears had a similar idea long before me, where he currently bumps works in progress from across the interwarbs. I've found many an awesome trailer or game courtesy of his lumberjack-like (b)logging tendencies. As such; I wanted to be that guy, but with a much more chaotic assortment of stuff. Hopefully there will be less ripping off than is implied.

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