Sunday, November 21, 2010

Show Me the Games; An experimental indie commune of hippieocracy

So this is fresh news to me; Cliffski, the guy behind Gratuitous space battles, just posted some very intriguing stuff.

He's got a site, show me the games, up for some odd amount of time where he and other indies have put up their games. Apparently; they're sharing webspace and advertising to try and pool sales via returning customers. In short; it's a shared sales personality that they can advertise as one unit.

Note they've got Defcon in there. Defcon pulls a lot of hits. Mr. Robot, not so much (still a good game, that's for another post.) But since htey're both together, they're essentially advertising for and supporting each other.

Very novel, very neat and very amazing that he actually got it to work out. Indies aren't the best at co-operating, there's a reason they get GOTY awards yet somehow don't work for big studios, and it isn't just for their health, either.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fast Forward

From the many Warped Worlds of the Digital Eel empire, it's... wait, what the bloody hell is this thing, anyway?

By my ascertension you play a cracked out gyroscope knocking around racing cereal boxes and avoiding red UFOs and angry trapezoids of death while eating corn pops strewn about a superhighway through the game tempest.

But that's just me, and I'm weird. If you're weird, too, you'll probably want to play this. I know I will!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gratuitous Space Conquest

Cliffski over at Psotech Games seems to have outdone himself yet again with a superb new offering for his Gratuitous Space Battles game:

I mean, the galactic con quest mechanic has been discussed at length at his blog and, I'll admit, I've always thought it was neat that you'd have an asynchronous Multiplayer element to it (think; Spore, where you pull content form other players into your game passively.) But, just look at this video. Everything is so... shiny!

Highly recommend checking this out, especially if you're not familiar with GSB. To sum it up; it's essentially tower defense as imagined by Admiral Ackbar. You set up a fleet for a given challenge, assign complex orders with differing priorities to effect how the ships behave, then you pull the safety tab and watch everything start blowing itself up. I relented and bought vanilla GSB a while ago, it's definitely unique and worth a try, check out the demo here.